Draft buzz: Rockets shopping Robinson

Some fresh dribbles of NBA Draft chatter and corresponding trade talk:

• The Houston Rockets have been openly shopping forward Thomas Robinson in an effort to clear more cap space for a run at Dwight Howard and have been confident that they will shed Robinson's contract by Thursday night.

Houston is looking to move Robinson to a team that can absorb his salary (either because it is under the cap or possesses the requisite trade exception) and get back a first-round pick in return. And two teams appear to have emerged as serious suitors: Cleveland and Chicago. Sources close to the situation say both teams would be willing to give up a first-round pick in this draft to land Robinson, who went No. 5 overall in the 2012 draft.

The Cavs, though, have also been linked to a potential trade with Dallas for Shawn Marion and the 13th pick that could cost them the second of their two first-round picks, No. 19 overall. They've also made an unsuccessful run at Minnesota's Kevin Love and continue to send signals that they want to make a "big" trade this week. But if Cleveland doesn't need No. 19 for one of those transactions, look for them to try to acquire Robinson from the Rockets.

Sources say that the Bulls, meanwhile, also covet Robinson and are offering the 20th pick. Chicago doesn't have cap space to absorb Robinson's contract but does possess a trade exception that Robinson could slide into. If the Bulls do acquire Robinson, word is they intend to flip him to another team in a subsequent (or connected) deal.

Who would the Rockets take if they meet their objective to shed Robinson for a late first-rounder? It's virtually guaranteed to be an international player that they can stash overseas and thus keep unwanted additional salary off of their books. Russia's Sergey Karasev, Greece's Giannis Antetokounmpo, Brazil's Lucas Nogueira, Germany's Dennis Schroeder and France's Rudy Gobert are all known targets for the Rockets.

• The Wolves continue to try to move up higher in the draft to land either Victor Oladipo or Ben McLemore. The latest rumbles have them reaching out to the Magic, Bobcats and Suns offering Derrick Williams and the No. 9 and No. 26 picks in return for Orlando's No. 2 pick, Charlotte's No. 4 pick or Phoenix's No. 5 pick.

• There is a growing belief that Indiana's Cody Zeller is seriously in the mix for the Bobcats at No. 4 along with Alex Len, McLemore and Otto Porter ... provided that Charlotte keeps its pick.

Bobcats GM Rich Cho is said to be a big Zeller fan, but word is he's having a tough time convincing ownership to take him at No. 4. If the Bobcats were to move a little farther down in the draft, Zeller becomes a strong possibility for Charlotte.