Richard Jefferson on Tim Duncan

Spurs.com writer Ben Hunt interviewed Richard Jefferson, and the new Spur demonstrated that he's showing up to training camp with his comedic flair intact.

Coach Pop told us that you, "would provide humor in the locker room." Now the question is, what kind of humorist are you? Are you into cracking jokes or pulling pranks?
You know what, it's just whatever is available. You know I don't really like Tim Duncan very much and I think he is a bad person. You know and he had been saying...

No really, I want all this to go down.

Absolutely. (Laughs)
Just some of the things that he has already said makes me know that it is going to be a very, very long year in dealing with him. But I'm looking forward to it. You know he thinks he's some quick-witted guy but he might've bit off more than he can chew in dealing with me.

Can you give us any insight on ...
No, no I will not expand anymore. I'll just say if he calls me "Princess Peanut" one more time, we're probably going to have a fight.

(Thanks Bernard.)