The Rapper Chamillionaire, on Meeting Michael Jordan

The story is not remarkable, but the reaction is.

A rapper tells his story (PG-13 for repeated casual use of the "N" word) of meeting Michael Jordan at a party. Jordan, he reports, was extremely rude. Chamillion is convincing that he had been a huge Jordan fan, until that moment.

It's the kind of story we have all heard before, and it's the kind of story that probably exists about most celebrities. Almost no one is polite to everyone who requests a photo or an autograph.

Jordan, however, is generally affixed with a halo. Anyone tells a bad story about him online, and they tend to be bombarded with comments supporting His Airness.

But look at the (definitely PG-13) comments on YouTube accompanying this video. I thought they would be riddled with anti-Chamillion talk. And there is some of that. But there's also widespread support for the idea that Jordan is no saint. That's not something I have seen before. I can't help but wonder if the public perception of Jordan is shifting.