Celtic Guard Tony Allen has been Arrested

Roman Modrowski of the Chicago Sun-Times has the news that the entire incident is reportedly on videotape. Charges had not been announced by the time his article came out this morning.

Allen entered with a large entourage and recognized Johnson, with whom he had a previous disagreement, according to the lawsuit.

Allen tapped the shooter on the chest and said, "F - - - him up," after which the fight and shooting ensued, the lawsuit alleges.

"It's all on tape," said Rahsaan Gordon, the lawyer for Johnson and Odum. "Tony Allen struck my client unprovoked."

The shooter still is not in custody, authorities said.

The news is finally sinking in among Celtics fans. The Celtics Blog post about the arrest is only a few hours old and already has 50+ comments, mostly along the lines of "this is seriously not good."