Is Melo willing to wait for NY?

I was told recently by sources close to Carmelo Anthony that he is hesitant about agreeing to a trade to the New Jersey Nets and that he is willing to wait all the way until the February trade deadline in an effort to force his way to the New York Knicks. Because Denver would not want to risk losing Anthony for nothing as a free agent next summer, the feeling is that it would eventually trade him to New York at the deadline just to get something back in return.

There is a strong feeling around the league, however, that Anthony would accept a trade to New Jersey (and thereby agree to sign a contract extension with the Nets) just to get out of Denver. The Nets are confident that Anthony will accept a trade to their team and because they have far more to offer the Nuggets than New York, they still believe they are the frontrunners to eventually land the superstar forward.

Logic says that if the Nets start the season strong, Anthony’s reluctance to sign there long-term might soften.