Worth a thousand words

By Henry Abbott

The TrueHoop Network's D-League blogger, Steve Weinman, just started D-League Digest. He hardly had a chance to boot up his laptop before he was invited on NBA TV a couple of days ago. (Such is the NBA's enthusiasm for those willing to talk up the D-League.)

He joined host Rick Kamla by phone, and, as is TV tradition, they asked for a photo of him to put on the screen.

Out of respect for Steve, I won't reproduce that photo here. But you can see it on the video.

His appearance generate a round of e-mails behind-the-scenes, within the network, including:

Steve: Phenomenal stuff. The blog is stellar. You're a source to be reckoned with... But... you look like you're about to shoot up a campus. Can I recommend a photographer?

Another blogger wrote:

Great stuff. I've seen worse mugshots.

That is a mugshot, right?

Today Weinman addressed the whole episode on his blog, and even his mom is in on the action:

From the Department of Shameless Self-Aggrandizement: I chatted with Rick Kamla on NBA TV’s D-League Central on Wednesday and have linked the video clip for those interested.

From the Department of Shameful Self-Promotion: Enjoy snickering at the photo of yours truly in said video. This is what happens when you realize that you don’t have any head-shots saved on your computer and end up taking a picture of yourself with Photo Booth on Mac.

The worst sign of just how bad that picture is? Even Mama Weinman’s first reaction was a three-word text message: “Need new photo.”