Redskins mailbag: Part 2

ASHBURN, Va. -- The second round of the mailbag has more on Robert Griffin III -- why do some think he's so bad? That's a question for the team as well. Also, is the defense better with Jarvis Jenkins as the starting right end instead of Jason Hatcher? Enjoy.

John Keim: No. Not sure why you think Jarvis Jenkins is better as an end in a 3-4 than Jason Hatcher, but that's not what the coaches think. Jenkins has played better this summer and he provides good depth if nothing else. But Hatcher is a strong man who can do what they need as a 3-4 end. He's definitely a better pass rusher inside than Jenkins, but no one has ever said Jenkins is better as a starting end. The only reason I'd wonder about limiting Hatcher to the nickel is because he's coming off the knee surgery and might not be strong for a whole game. But that's not the plan.

Keim: No one who watched him last season could say he was close to his 2012 form. And the turnovers were quite different; also the rushing yards way down (obviously with good reason). A lot of his passing yards, especially early in the season, came in blowouts in which they had to pass so it's misleading. Yes, the knee injury played a factor in terms of costing him the offseason. He was not as explosive, either. I don't know if anyone thinks he's now as you describe him, but they do wonder about where he's headed and if he'll become a great quarterback. He hasn't proven he can pick teams apart with his arm on a consistent basis. Not saying he can't or won't, but he hasn't done so to this point (as a rookie, he played great but you can't ignore the scheme's impact). It would have helped had he shown more this summer. My contention has been that it will take him time, especially if they want to develop him into a pocket passer. So much to learn there and the coaches know that as well as anyone. Now that Griffin's had a full offseason, let's see how he progresses.

Keim: Can't speak for all, but the Washington Redskins' history is not exactly good -- three last-place finishes in the last four years and seven in the last 11. Sort of leaves people skeptical about a team's chances. But I've also seen a few people who think they'll win nine or 10 games. There's no way you can expect everyone to think that way when you're coming off a 3-13 season, with a first-year head coach. They do have more talent and Griffin is much more himself, but they have enough question marks to leave you wondering.

Keim: Not really. You can't put that much focus on one guy at the expense of all else. Yes, they're trying to develop him as a pocket passer because that's the style of the offense. So naturally they would have him doing that a lot in the summer. You run plays that you need the most work on in practice more than a preseason game. You want to put them in situations during the preseason to see how they handle them, more than running a specific play.

Keim: Tough to say, but it definitely seems Robert Griffin III has a good rapport with tight end Jordan Reed. He's an excellent target in multiple situations -- third downs, red zone, early downs -- because of his size and athleticism. I'd expect Reed or Pierre Garcon to lead in receptions and would figure Jackson gets in the 60s. Roberts I'd put around the 40-50 range.