Redskins wake-up call

ASHBURN, Va. – The Redskins have a walk-through, followed by an 11:15 a.m. open locker room session and then their usual 1 p.m. practice. Here are three areas of interest:

  1. Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett will talk to the media Thursday -- doing so for the first time with the NFL’s top-rated defense. Yes, it’s been built against two quarterbacks who are suspect starters. But aside from three or four plays they’ve played well – and in the past they weren’t cut a lot of slack for facing elite quarterbacks. But there’s no doubt Sunday provides a greater challenge.

  2. I will take a look at a handful of Kirk Cousins’ plays from Sunday’s game, dissecting some subtle areas he did well. But you also have to remember that he, too, is a young quarterback who still needs to learn a thing or two. There are many situations he has yet to face and I’ll be curious to see how the Eagles test him at the line of scrimmage. It was hard for Jacksonville to do a whole lot because of the score of the game. But that won’t be the case with the Eagles.

  3. Also on the docket today: a look at Sunday’s game with my ESPN colleague, Phil Sheridan, in Philadelphia. And I’ll be taking a look at what the Redskins must do to stop the Eagles’ screen game. It hurt them last season – remember?