Redskins wake-up call

ASHBURN, Va. -- The Redskins have an 11:45 a.m. walk-through Tuesday morning, followed by an open locker room session. It’s akin to a Friday during a normal work week. Here are three areas of interest:

Quarterback Kirk Cousins will talk to the media: Cousins is not an inflammatory quote, but he can be somewhat revealing and honest. He was off-target on some of his throws in the second half Sunday -- a function of the rush perhaps? His coach, Jay Gruden, seemed to think so, that perhaps Cousins could have held onto the ball a split second longer and delivered more accurate passes. But I’m also curious what Cousins thought of his game in general, as 34 points and 427 passing yards aren’t shabby.

Injury updates: The Redskins had a long list of aches and pains following Sunday’s loss to Philadelphia, with 17 players listed on the injury report Monday. I don’t anticipate a much smaller list, but we’ll get more of an update on some players who have been missed for a while, notably corner Tracy Porter and tight end Jordan Reed. Is there any hope for either player returning this week? I have a feeling Porter is closer than Reed.

What are some of the challenges of a short work week?: Coaches and players devote so much time during a normal work week to game-planning and preparation that something has to give a little bit in a short work week. One good thing for both teams: it’s a familiar opponent. But for a guy like Cousins who likes to overprepare, is it difficult to handle a shorter week?