Redskins coach Jay Gruden won't close door on Colt McCoy

ASHBURN, Va. -- Two days ago Jay Gruden said there would be changes made, whether to scheme or practices and maybe even personnel. One change he wouldn’t make: Inserting Colt McCoy at quarterback.

However, on Wednesday, Gruden said there was a chance McCoy could see action -- if things don’t improve with current starter Kirk Cousins. Gruden didn’t think it would get to that point, but he also knows he can’t dismiss any idea at this point.

“He is facing quite a bit of scrutiny and obviously if things continue in this downward spiral, there is always a chance to see Colt,” Gruden said. “But I think Kirk will play himself out of it. I have total faith that he will and we are going to coach him like he will and he will be ready. But I know Colt will be ready also.”

Cousins threw three fourth-quarter interceptions in Sunday’s 30-20 loss to Arizona. He’s now 1-7 as a starter and owns a passer rating of 58.6 in the fourth quarter of his last eight games.

But Gruden said he still sees areas he can build upon with Cousins.

“Kirk’s done some good things,” Gruden said. “There are some catastrophic mistakes that have been made by all of us in the fourth quarter. Third downs, turnovers are a very, very direct reflection on play calling and the quarterback position. Sometimes both get a little bit blamed too much. It might be the protection, might be the route, might be blocking by the receiver, but it’s up to the quarterback to convert these. It’s up to us as a team to get these converted and not turn the ball over.”