Getting to know: Trenton Robinson

ASHBURN, Va., -- Continuing a season-long look at various Washington Redskins players, talking more than just football and getting to know players who aren't as prominent. This week: Trenton Robinson.

Position: Safety

Age: 24

College: Michigan State

How acquired: Signed as a free agent during the 2013 season

Person you most admire: My mom. She took care of me and raised me. She’s just chilling now.

Biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome: Being patient. You know you want to play, you want to be a starter, but when you start where I started from you have to show people and stay patient and build trust with the coaches. It’s very hard. Very hard.

When you feel you should be a starter: In my own head I feel I could be starting somewhere now. But I know that it takes time and patience and if you do your job, what I’m supposed to be doing, and continue to work on special teams and do my job at a high level in what they’re asking me to do, then your time will come. You just have to keep working.

Favorite football memory: My junior year in high school when we went to the district championship game and there were a couple minutes left, maybe a minute left, and I caught a bomb pass from my quarterback. A game-winning touchdown catch. It was exciting. Those are exciting moments.

What you like to do away from the field: Just chill. Hang out with my boys, some of the guys on the team. I really just like to hang out with friends and work out.

Favorite meal: I’ve got a couple favorite meals. I love to eat. I eat a lot of all types of foods. I like mashed potatoes and greens and some fried chicken. Some corn. I’m getting hungry thinking about it.

What did you dream of being as a kid: I used to want to run in the Olympics. I wanted to be fast like Michael Johnson; that’s who I looked up to. I started thinking NFL in college. I wanted to go to the Olympics in any of the sprints.

Teammate that makes you laugh the most: There are some funny guys in here. I’d say Chase [Minnfield], DeSean Jackson -- he’s hilarious. Brandon [Meriweather]. Biggs [E.J. Biggers]. Ryan [Clark] is hilarious and Trent [Williams]. He is definitely number one. They mess with me a lot. I’m just a cool guy; I don’t take things personal.

What you would like to do when done playing: Just help people. Go back to school and get a Masters’ in sociology, psychology. That would be pretty awesome.