Redskins mailbag: Part 2

The second round of the Redskins' mailbag features safety talk, more Robert Griffin III, the apparent truth about Pierre Garcon and some defensive talk. Enjoy.

John Keim: Akeem Davis has the desire and speed and knows the defense. He does a strong job on special teams, when not committing penalties. But he's so raw as a defensive player that it's tough to see him being ready for a couple years. They're reluctant to put him out there now. I have no idea about Phillip Thomas; sort of need to see him play. And while I like Trenton Robinson's desire to fly around and always find the ball, I see him as a reserve/special-teamer. But no one here yet looks like a 2015 starter.

Keim: It's not like there's a mutiny against him. Has he alienated guys? Yes. So has Russell Wilson in Seattle. Does Griffin need to prove himself to teammates and coaches? Absolutely. He is not viewed the same as he was a year ago and especially two years ago. But Griffin's play will determine if he receives an extension. Now, if he's not performing well and there are many players upset, then the combination will give them pause. But the Redskins are as much about marketing as anything else and Griffin still helps in that area

Keim: It's because the organization wants to see a talented player they surrendered a lot for develop. And they hired Jay Gruden to make him better. Besides, it's not like you can go back to Kirk Cousins right now. Even if the coaches like a lot of what he does, they also didn't like the interceptions. And Colt McCoy is a backup. So, yes, they need to find out a lot more about Griffin. I don't know, based on what they've seen, how they could give him an extension in the spring. Tough to play hypotheticals; it's based on how he plays, simple as that.

Keim: Not sure why people ask for the truth, I've always been as honest as possible. In this case, I wish I had a good answer, but I really don't. And, honestly, Garcon doesn't have a good answer, either, from what I've heard. He's still leading the team in receptions, but he's a non-factor in some situations, like third down. That surprises me -- and frustrates him. I did ask one coach about this and they want to get him the ball more; in two of the past three games there's a reason he gets the first pass. But the other answer from a coach was that DeSean Jackson is tough for them to go away from in certain times. Garcon is an emotional, passionate player who doesn't always hide his frustration well. I'll be curious to see how this develops.

Keim: Yes. Simple as that. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Keim: Because the philosophy of the organization changes whenever a head coaching change is made. The best thing an owner can do is surround himself with the right people; Dan Snyder has not always done that and it's hurt the franchise. Even when Joe Gibbs was here, so, too, was Vinny Cerrato, so once Gibbs left you knew they'd go back to what they were previously. They've lacked a strong football person in charge and that's the case now. When your general manager seems to be concerned about other issues than just football, it's not a good setup.

Keim: Fans only want me to say: Fire him now. Not doing that. If this were his first season here, I think fans would look at what he's done differently, considering he was down two key starters and then a third. Some key backups have been hurt. I also understand the defense over the past four-plus years has never been what fans had hoped for. Organizational failure. The defense was not put together well, so even if Haslett exits do you have faith they'll somehow put together better parts? If so, why do you have that faith? To me that's a bigger issue.