Jay Gruden: Mistakes were glaring

ASHBURN, Va., -- The mistakes kept occurring, not just on defense either. It's why the Redskins lost by 22 points; it's why Jay Gruden didn't look particularly pleased during his press conference Monday. At 3-9, there's not a whole lot to be pleased about anyway.

Sunday's culprit, as it has been in some other games, was missed defensive assignments -- whether just blown coverages or poor recognition or miscommunication. Negative plays occurred on offense, too, as on the fourth-and-1 missed blitz pickup that resulted in an Indianapolis touchdown.

"Every game you play you have missed assignments," Gruden said. "It's just that when you lose they become glaring. We've had too many and the results of our missed assignments have been huge plays."

The Colts scored on touchdown catches of 30, 48, 73 and 79 yards. They also had a 49-yard touchdown run.

"It's not the same all the time," Gruden said. "It's, just, last week was glaring. We played pretty well against San Francisco. We've had our stints where we've been pretty good on defense and competed. But, unfortunately, from consistency it's not been there and yes I am concerned because we're in Week 12 and still having breakdowns from key players we're going to count on in the future."

One of those players was second-year corner David Amerson. He was involved in two of the long touchdowns. He failed to get deep while responsible for the deep outside third on a 48-yard touchdown pass. And he also needed to get outside on the touchdown to tight end Coby Fleener on an out-and-up route. However, on that play, linebacker Trent Murphy needed to run with Fleener as well. But Amerson was in a zone and needed to stay outside as well.

"You see a ton of talent in David, you really do," Gruden said. "You see him out in practice, see him play bump-and-run, he can tackle, he can hit, he just had a couple rough plays in that game that cost us. The more those things show up, the more you have an issue. We just have to get him coached up."

Amerson said, "[Sunday] wasn't so much communication, it was guys getting their eyes lost in different places and playing different things. We're not all on the same page, that's the best way to put it.

"Sometimes it happens. There are like 1,000 other plays where we're all on the same page and nothing's wrong but the two or three times happens they go for deep and go for 21 points and, ‘Oh, it's Week 13, what's going on? It's not that. We're human and we make mistakes. We've got to fix it at the end of the day, but that's what happened."

Gruden said it's not a matter of simplifying their defense to compensate for younger players in the secondary. Some of the blown coverages were on basic calls -- such as Amerson's miss in the cover-3 and Phillip Thomas when he was responsible for a deep half.

"You have to do different things," Gruden said. "That's their responsibility as a pro athlete."

As for criticism regarding defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, Gruden said, "When you look at that game on tape there's way too many holes obviously and coach Haz will take blunt criticism as he always does. But ultimately it's on all of us. We're all frustrated with the way we played. We know we can play better.

"Moving forward, we'll coach up and evaluate everything when the season's over, like we do at every position on this team. That won't change no matter what our record is. But we are disappointed by the way we played defensively. We'll see the last four games if we can get some improvement from some of these young guys."