Jay Gruden said he didn't push Kirk Cousins to work with his brother

Kirk Cousins’ decision to work out with Jon Gruden had nothing to do with the ESPN broadcaster’s brother, who also happens to be Cousins’ coach. So said Jay Gruden at the scouting combine Wednesday.

Jay Gruden said he learned of Cousins’ visit to his brother after it was over. Cousins was in Florida helping out at a camp run by Jon Gruden -- other players attended as well -- and also worked out with the former head coach.

“That’s totally on their own nickel and own time,” Jay Gruden said. “Jon’s doors are open for a lot of the quarterbacks he’s had through his doors and guys, when they go down to Tampa, might pop in for an hour or two or two days or whatever it is. It’s something I don’t push on anybody and if they want to try to pursue Jon and Jon’s open to it, any quarterback in the NFL, or college, Jon’s open to talking to. He loves coaching and working with quarterbacks.”

It made sense for Cousins: get tutored, even for a short time, by a coach who knows well the offense in which he plays. But the big thing the coaches want to see from Cousins is the ability to recover from negative plays, including cutting down the interceptions. That could stem more from experience, something that’s hard to get more of in his situation. Regardless, it’s not as if Cousins used flawless mechanics, either. Hence the trip.

“There’s a lot of guys that go down there, coaches included,” Jay Gruden said. “He’s got a great setup down there, and he just loves to be a part of working with players no matter if it’s a pro player, college player, high school player. Who he works with is his business.”

Robert Griffin III said he will work with Terry Shea again in the offseason, as he did before the 2012 draft and again last offseason. Though Shea wouldn’t be as intimately familiar with what Jay Gruden wants as his brother would be, that’s not necessarily a hindrance to improvement. Griffin obviously knows what the Redskins worked on -- and what they want him to focus on. All that can be relayed to Shea.

“Any time you’ve got a chance to drop back and throw the ball with the coach watching, it’s beneficial,” Gruden said. “Terry’s an experienced guy and we’re going to draw up some plans also that, some fundamental issues, some things he can work on also in the offseason. But we’ll get our hands on him come April.”