Redskins free-agent analysis: Tyler Polumbus

We're taking a look at the Washington Redskins' free agents as we approach the start of the open signing period on March 10.

Player: Tyler Polumbus

Position: Tackle

History with Washington: Signed with the Redskins in November 2011 and played both guard and tackle before sticking permanently at right tackle at the start of the 2012 season.

2014 cap hit: $2.6 million.

Projected market: Slim. He’ll be viewed as a backup tackle by most and likely end up with perhaps a two-year deal somewhere. He had an offer from Jacksonville two years ago, but returned to the Redskins.

Reason he might re-sign: Polumbus can play both tackle spots so, in a pinch, he can help as a reserve. He played better than given credit for in 2013 after a tough 2012 season -- the coaches gave him credit, that’s for sure. He dropped off in 2014, however. He was dealing with serious family issues, but whether it stemmed from that or just bad play, the bottom line is he did not play well. Polumbus is a hard worker, prepared and would be an able backup. In the right system (zone only), he can help as a pinch-hit starter.

Reason why he won't: There have been no discussions with Polumbus’ side about a possible return. He was benched midway through last season and there was definitely a split in the organization as to thoughts on him before the season. Tom Compton took over and had his own struggles in protection, but he is younger, so perhaps he can improve. Polumbus’ play definitely regressed last season, especially in protection. At his size he has to work hard to stay balanced and does not play with the strength Washington wants in its offensive linemen. His best fit is in a strictly zone-blocking system; the Redskins used more power last season and will transition to more in ’15. Polumbus would be a better fit in Atlanta, with new offensive coordinator and old boss Kyle Shanahan, or Denver, which will return to zone-blocking under coach Gary Kubiak. I'd be surprised if he returned -- and I think his side would be as well.