Redskins wake-up call

PHOENIX -- It’s the last day of the owners meetings (back to reality Thursday), but there is still enough going on in the desert. And it starts with the NFC coaches breakfast. Here are three areas of interest involving Redskins coach Jay Gruden:

  1. More about the quarterbacks. Gruden will be asked more than a few times about Robert Griffin III and the Redskins’ quarterback situation. You’ve been warned. But that’s what happens when you have a situation like they do. Still, that doesn’t mean it’ll be negative. He can explain more of what he expects to see from Griffin after one year in his system, areas where he hopes Griffin improves and what he wants him working on this offseason. Can also ask him about why he wanted all three quarterbacks to return.

  2. The defensive transformation. The other day Gruden talked briefly about the defensive additions -- they’ve added four starters via free agency and what they bring. We can go into more detail with him about it Thursday morning and what he feels each player offers. There was clearly something he felt was lacking either on that side of the ball or in the locker room. The words I’ve heard from other coaches when describing the newcomers: leader, tough, physical, competitive. Not all of them fit every category, but that’s a lot of what they bring. That’s not to say all the players leaving didn’t possess those qualities, but they now have younger players who do.

  3. The offensive plan. It’ll be nice to go in depth more about what Gruden wants to do offensively -- and if he now has a better feel for the sort of player who can help him get there. They drafted two offensive linemen who didn’t play much last year -- how do they fit with a new line coach in Bill Callahan? Would either Spencer Long or Morgan Moses possibly be ready to play more in 2015? Are they going to run more power or continue to mix that style with zone? There are also questions about the line and backup running back.