Contract breakdown: Redskins safety Dashon Goldson

Tampa Bay thought he was done, at least at a certain level. That’s why the Bucs wanted to unload safety Dashon Goldson. The Redskins hope he has something left -- and just in case they structured his contract accordingly.

If for some reason they don’t like what they see in the offseason, the Redskins can cut him before Aug. 1 and not lose any substantial cap space. His salary is not guaranteed, and he has a roster bonus that goes into effect on Aug. 1.

It’s hard to imagine that taking place given their need at the position, barring anything else happening. But Goldson's contract would need to be re-done if they want to keep him around after this season. The original terms of his Tampa Bay deal still apply in 2016 and ’17.

Here’s the breakdown of his contract, according to ESPN Stats & Information:


Base salary: $1.6 million

Cap hit: $4 million

Note: A roster bonus of $2.3 million was added, which he will earn if he’s on the 90-man roster on Aug. 1. Also, he receives a $100,000 workout bonus, which, if he completes the program, would be the only dead money they’d have should they cut him before August.


Base salary: $7.5 million

Cap hit: $8 million

Note: This is per his original deal signed with Tampa Bay so nothing has changed. He also receives a $500,000 workout bonus. However, they can release him with a post-June 1 designation and save all $8 million against the cap.


Base salary: $6.75 million

Cap hit: $7.25 million

Note: Same as in 2016: This was his original deal. Once again, he’ll receive a $500,000 workout bonus. And if he’s released with a post-June 1 designation, the Redskins would have no dead money against the cap, saving all $7.25 million.