Reassessing the Washington Redskins roster: Receivers

Taking a look at positions that have been impacted by free agency or areas the Washington Redskins still need to address. Today: Receivers.

In: No one

Out: Leonard Hankerson

Still around: Pierre Garcon, DeSean Jackson, Andre Roberts, Ryan Grant, Rashad Ross, Jerry Rice, Jr.

Better or worse: Same. Losing Hankerson is not a big blow considering he didn't do anything last season, in large part because of the injury. Coach Jay Gruden said last month that they might bring back Santana Moss, but that will depend on what happens in the draft and perhaps if they pick up another veteran (some likely will be available after the draft). Moss is good to have around -- he's among the more professional players I've ever covered -- but his days as an effective receiver are over. I still worry about Jackson's durability; as he ages he'll need to become more of a workout guy. Regardless, at his size the hits take a toll. But he was fantastic last season and as quarterbacks learn to trust him even more, Jackson could have even more opportunities downfield. Garcon could be given better chances, particularly in third-down situations. Often times they threw short to tight end Jordan Reed, hoping he'd convert it to a first down. He often did not. I'd rather have Garcon with the ball in those situations; give me a guy who runs angry and I'll take my chances of getting the necessary yards. Roberts had one of the worst rates in the NFL -- 130th in the league to be exact -- when it came to number of times targeted (71) vs. actual receptions (36). Sometimes that's a matter of forcing the issue (Detroit's Calvin Johnson, for example, was 122nd on the list). Regardless, Roberts needs more production. Grant was a non-factor after a camp in which he opened eyes with his route running. His (lack of) speed and small frame didn't help. The kid is a hard worker, so it's likely he'll be stronger after this offseason. Rice did not show much before his injury last summer to think he'd be anything other than practice squad potential at best.

Should they address this position in the draft: Yes. I'll have more on this next week about possible targets, but suffice to say this is a deep draft of receivers. The Redskins lack depth -- if anything happened to one of their top three, will Grant have developed enough to help? They'll not only need to find someone in the draft, they should look for another veteran to bring in just to see. Another reason they should draft someone: A year from now, Garcon's cap hit is $10.25 million while Jackson's stays at $9.25. I've said and written several times this offseason Garcon is not in danger (and never was) of being cut this year. But every player knows the deeper they get into their contracts, the more likely something happens. So, while receiver does not look like an immediate need, it is an area that can still be improved to avoid it becoming an issue in the future. That could mean finding a guy in the middle rounds to develop. There are some who think if the Redskins go by best player available at No. 5, then receiver has to be in play. Kevin White or Amari Cooper would help -- now and in the future. But that depends how the Redskins' board stacks up and if they want strictly the best player or, as many teams do it, the best player at position of need.