Redskins mailbag: Part 1

The draft is less than two weeks away -- thank goodness -- but that's not the only focus of the Washington Redskins mailbag. In Part 1, there is some draft talk but there are also questions about the future of the quarterbacks, the impact of the defensive newcomers on the linebackers and where I'd want a new stadium to be built. Enjoy.

John Keim: It's hard to find that many starters from one draft so if they get one starter and another guy worth developing that's pretty good. That's why drafts aren't about immediate needs; a fifth-round tackle will not fill an immediate hole but could lead to a productive player in a couple years. But I do anticipate them working on the line in the draft and I wouldn't be surprised if they take two linemen. But it's not as if Scot McCloughan took a bunch of linemen in San Francisco; he took five in five drafts. However, I think they know they must improve certain parts of the line and, if nothing else, bring in more competition. I agree, though, that the approach thus far has been sound.

Keim: The Caribbean would be nice; my wife and I like the HGTV shows and wouldn't mind buying a home on one of the islands. Or, if you're talking in the DMV area, the commute part of my brain says Loudoun County. My drive to Landover, Md., takes almost 90 minutes. I'd save an hour. But I'm not a selfish guy. I'm a traditionalist and I liked when the team was in the district. More buzz; more energy. Don't know if that will be accomplished or not. I know where I don't want them to go: Maryland.

Keim: If the season is an outright disaster then sure that's a possible scenario. But at this point I'd be surprised to see everyone gone. Gruden has a guaranteed five-year deal so I don't know that Dan Snyder would really want to pay out another coach for multiple years. However, if they go 4-12 again and Gruden is overmatched then of course that's possible. But it would speak volumes if a quarterback-friendly coach could not produce with any of these passers. I can't believe we're even discussing this, but until you produce -- as a coach, as a quarterback -- you have to endure these scenarios.

@Allan2K3: Do you see a scenario where we get OT from Florida late 1st, early 2nd & try Moses at OG? #jkmailbag

Keim: I'm not crazy about Morgan Moses as a guard and I don't see the Redskins picking late in the first round. If D.J. Humphries falls to the second round and they like him, then sure they could take him. Not sure if they do. I think they should absolutely look to find a tackle in the first couple of rounds. The reason I'm not crazy about Moses as a guard is because he struggled to play low and with any sort of leverage. He lunged and bent at the waist too often and that would lead to issues. Other times he plays too upright. I know other players his size have moved inside, but those problems would lead to issues at guard. Moses would be better off as a swing tackle rather than moving inside.

Keim: Actually, it's not just the inside linebackers who will benefit. Clearly it should help Keenan Robinson and Perry Riley to have a mammoth nose tackle in the middle who commands double teams -- and doesn't get moved by them. Both players are quick so, in theory, here's what could happen: They play fast and the double teams aren't as effective because a linemen must peel off Terrance Knighton too early. Or he's able to hold them long enough for the inside backers to run free to the ball. But the outside backers benefit just as much, mostly when it comes to the pass rush. To have players who can (potentially) collapse the pocket is a boon. Quarterbacks can't escape or move up much so that leaves them vulnerable. The outside backers must get upfield against the run, too, because with Knighton inside I'm guessing teams will test them wide.

Keim: Yes, I think Kirk Cousins is on the roster for the opener and, no, I don't think the long-term quarterback is on the roster as of now. Not based on what we've seen recently. But they can change minds with their play. The last I'd been told, there weren't any plans to trade Cousins. If they draft a QB in the late rounds, I'd imagine that player might end up on the practice squad. And if they take, say, Marcus Mariota in the first round then I'd imagine Robert Griffin III would be gone. His days here clearly would be over and, if I were him, I'd want to go to a team where everyone wanted me. Cousins has fans on the coaching staff. But the real sign will be if they draft a quarterback and in what round. You can stash a seventh-round passer on the practice squad but not someone picked a few rounds higher. At that point, someone has to go.