Scot McCloughan says Redskins want 'tough, nasty' offensive linemen

The blueprint for what Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan wants in an offensive lineman is clear. He reiterated the qualities once again during his pre-draft news conference. He said it’s one that new line coach Bill Callahan agrees with (otherwise, hard to imagine him coming to Washington).

“We want big, tough, nasty, strong guys,” McCloughan said. “I want this team when they go out – when you get done playing the Washington Redskins, you know you’re playing them. You’re going to feel it. I want those guys. We get late in the year and playoff runs and cold weather and nasty games and field conditions, you need to be able to run the football.”

McCloughan said they’re addressing the line, though they have not yet signed anyone. But it’s expected that they’ll take at least one and possibly two linemen in the draft.

Here’s what McCloughan wants from an offensive lineman:

“With tackles, especially with left tackles, we know – we’re lucky to have Trent [Williams] here – size, arm length, foot quickness, flexibility in the lower [body], being able to adjust, movement. I think you want your tackles to be your bigger guys – taller and longer. With our guards and with Coach Callahan and what our plans are is power. You know, in-line power. We’re talking 320-plus [pounds] hopefully, coming off, head-butting and going.

“We want to be able to run the football, it’s very important. It sets up everything else for us. The center, of course, is usually the leader. He needs to be highly intelligent, be able to read the defenses and make the checks he needs to make. I’ll give a little bit on athletic ability – especially inside at guard and center – for just a consistent football player that gets out there every day and you know exactly what you’ve got.”