Redskins not candidates for 'Hard Knocks'

The Redskins aren't possibilities to appear on "Hard Knocks" this summer, according to multiple sources. A team source said the Redskins did not want to appear on the show – a stance they have long taken – and were not one of the finalists.

According to a report on ESPNCleveland.com, the Redskins were a potential finalist to appear on the HBO show in August. However, the team source said the Redskins did not want to appear.

ESPN’s Tania Ganguli tweeted that the Houston Texans were one of the finalists and considered the front-runners to appear. A source told ESPNCleveland (no affiliation to ESPN’s NFL Nation) that series producer, NFL Films, “does not want an unwilling participant.” The Redskins would be an unwilling participant.

The Redskins have never appeared on the series. But the show is considered a reality series for the NFL and, eventually, the Redskins likely would have to appear. But it won't be this summer.