Mailbag: Will Jay Gruden be patient with the run game?

An early look at some undrafted free agents -- a very early look; a little Robert Griffin III -- do players think he's the best option? And Jay Gruden's patience for the run game. That, and more, in part 2 of the Redskins mailbag. Enjoy.

John Keim: Understand that when no pads are on many can look good. Still, some things jump out a little that whets your appetite for the summer. I've heard good things about Mahina; he has good height but needs to get bigger and he's not the fastest tight end. So we'll see. I like Williams' quickness and cutting ability, but running backs are much different when it's full contact. We'll learn a lot more in August. Keim: I don't think much has changed since last season when many reported doubts players had about Griffin. People don't like hearing that, but you can't help what someone tells you; truth is important in this business. And I have no idea if it's every player, or just some who say a lot privately. I haven't asked every player and I don't spend every conversation talking about Griffin. The players have seen the struggles; they also are in film rooms. The problem is, they've seen it with the other quarterbacks, too. Paul has also said, however, that he's anxious to see Griffin prove people wrong. Paul is also a good teammate who worries about his own job first and foremost. Griffin can change the minds of any doubters with a strong summer and by making a few plays. The narrative will flip easily if he plays well. That's all anyone there wants. Keim: The Mathis answer is simple: They have some interest, but I'm not sure how strong it was. Also, he's 34 years old so this does not fit into what they said they wanted to do under Scot McCloughan. Everyone wants the Redskins to develop their own talent and then when a big name becomes available, it seems like many want to ditch those plans. It'll keep the Redskins going in circles. As for Hall, I don't think anything is set. He hasn't been able to practice this spring, so until he does they can't know where he's at in his game. But it does seem as if the plan would be to start him and use Breeland in the slot. But they seem to be all about competition, so if Breeland outplays Hall, then I'm sure it'll get interesting. Keim: We shall see. That's been a knock on him as a playcaller so I really can't say for sure that he will have the patience. My sense is that they know this is how they must win. The quarterback play does not warrant thinking any other way - that's not just about Griffin, but all of them. They all make enough mistakes that the run game must be the way to go in creating an identity. Gruden knows this. Keim: He's definitely not elite because he can't hurt you in the pass game. I'd say he's a good back who can be solid - and you can clearly win with guys like him. He's tough. Morris' numbers have suffered because of recent blowouts but the run game also typically struggled early in games (and on first down in particular). I don't always think the blocking in the run game has helped him so I'll be curious to see how he's helped this year if it improves. The run game has been too inconsistent the past two years, some because of blocking and some because Morris was missing some things (especially in the first half of last season). I don't think he's overrated because I don't know of many objective viewers who place him in a high category. No, he's not irreplaceable. They drafted Matt Jones because they wanted more help at this position. And ESPN980's Kevin Sheehan reported that they would have drafted Todd Gurley had they traded back in the first round and Brandon Scherff was gone. But Gurley can be a special talent.