RG III has his moments, but nothing fancy in Redskins' practice

RICHMOND, Va. -- Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III didn’t have a good day; he didn’t have a bad day. He wasn’t as sharp as Friday; he wasn’t as inconsistent like Thursday. There were no big plays, no wow plays. There were also no errant throws during full-team work.

  • There were some remnants of his past, with a zone read carry around the left end -- the defense was fooled. And there was the drift pass to Pierre Garcon, who runs an inside route after a quick zone fake by Griffin. This one provided some gray area: Griffin made a nice throw and Garcon caught the ball, but safety Dashon Goldson was coming up hard on the play, and there would have been a collision. However, the ball was there.

  • There were times where he would have been sacked (in one case, not sure it was just a matter of him holding the ball, though we have no idea what they were asking him to do on the play. But one was a blitz, and he didn’t have much time; that much was easy to see.

  • Mentioned this in the offensive highlights story, but I’ll repeat it here: The quarterbacks are checking down a little more this summer, but it’s not by design (not necessarily). Defensive coordinator Joe Barry’s scheme leaves the checkdown as the best option in a lot of routes.

  • Griffin hit receiver Andre Roberts in stride on a slant, though coach Jay Gruden could be heard yelling “hit it!” before Griffin threw. Couldn’t tell if that meant he wanted the ball out quicker or not. Regardless, Griffin hit Roberts in stride.

  • Another time, Griffin appeared to hold the ball a while and might have had a checkdown available with tight end Jordan Reed in a third-down, full-team drill. But he opted to escape out the right side and take off running. He remains a fast player, but the explosiveness is just different than a few years ago. It’s why the Redskins aren’t counting on a return to 2012 as far as Griffin’s style of play.

  • After a sack -- again, not sure who’s at fault -- Griffin had about three seconds to throw vs. a blitz. More gray area: Would he have been sacked? Regardless, he ended the play with a deep cross to Roberts.

  • In two-minute work, Griffin completed a quick out, a checkdown, a hitch but then would have been sacked by Keenan Robinson on the next play.