RG III builds on early momentum, but faces more pressure

RICHMOND, Va. -- Some highlights from quarterback Robert Griffin III’s practice Sunday:

I will start by saying that Griffin has looked better than I anticipated entering camp. You would not come here and think, “This guy can’t play.” No idea where he goes from here, but that's the early impression.

  • Griffin received more pressure, it seemed, on some passes up the middle. He has done a nice job in camp of getting rid of the ball and going through progressions so you can’t assume when he’s “sacked” in these drills that it’s his fault. Also, the line was without starting center Kory Lichtensteiger (veterans day off).

  • Griffin took advantage of man coverage during seven-on-seven work in the red zone. On a play from the 5-yard line, Griffin sprinted to his right and hit Andre Roberts on the right corner for a touchdown. It’s a play that works well down here because of his speed and because the receivers are quick enough to get open in these situations. They used it a few years ago to success, often with Santana Moss. The play took 2.2 seconds.

  • In the first 11-on-11 work, Griffin was pressured with a blitz. He did step up in the pocket, but, again, hard to know if the ball should have been released. He took a five-step drop on play-action on the next pass, but with no one open he dumped the ball to running back Chris Thompson.

  • Then one play later, against a blitz, Griffin took a step back and, in 2.1 seconds, unloaded a deep ball to receiver Ryan Grant. He beat Justin Rogers with a quick release. Grant had to pause just a little, but he was able to keep his momentum and had enough cushion that he easily caught the ball and would have scored. Griffin was patient enough to not panic in the face of a blitz.

  • Geez, this was a pretty good sequence because on the next play Jamison Crowder ran a hitch and was wide open for the completion. Not sure what happened to the defense, but it was a third-down play that should have been covered better.

  • In the red zone, Griffin’s first pass was a quick slant to tight end Niles Paul (2.2 seconds) for what likely would have been a touchdown. Two plays later, with another blitz coming at him, Griffin had to unload quickly and did so off his back foot to the corner of the end zone. Tight end Logan Paulsen, covered by Keenan Robinson, was the only one who had a shot at the ball but it was just out of his reach. RG III avoided a sack though.