Redskins' young linemen, Griffin III to face good test as Texans arrive

RICHMOND, Va. -- The Washington Redskins will get a change in their routine starting this morning. Their three-day work versus the Houston Texans begins Thursday at 8:30 a.m. ET with a full workout. The Redskins will conduct a walk-through at 4 p.m. as well. Here are three areas of interest for your morning wake-up call:

The right side of the offensive line. Whether it’s Spencer Long at right guard and Brandon Scherff at right tackle or Scherff at guard and Morgan Moses at tackle, it’ll be a challenge. The Texans use end J.J. Watt all over the place -- he played mostly against the Redskins right side in their Week 1 matchup last season. The Redskins need this group to be ready for a tough start to the season: versus Miami and Ndamukong Suh. Facing Watt clearly will help.

Quarterback Robert Griffin III. He was up and down all last summer and his showing versus New England did not help matters. He just wasn’t sharp. But in seven practices this summer, I’d say Griffin has had a good day on five of them and was inconsistent on the other two. Now he needs to have a good showing against another defense, one where he doesn’t know what’s coming (and one that won’t know what’s coming from him, either). How will their play-action game work against the Texans? The Redskins used a rather conservative attack versus the Texans in the opener last season. But of their 37 pass attempts, only six were play-action. No way that ratio will take place in games this season (unless it gets away from them early).

Learning game. The difference between the Redskins and the Patriots last summer was pronounced. Mainly in the way the Patriots went about their business compared to Washington. One team was businesslike to the Nth degree the other was sort of normal. One team went to the Super Bowl and the other won four games. Of course, one had Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and the other did not. The Texans have a second-year coach in Bill O’Brien, coming off a nine-win season despite bad quarterback play. I’m curious to see how he runs practices compared to Redskins coach Jay Gruden. There’s not one way to win and I have liked the energy in practices this summer. But it’s always fun to watch other teams and then to look back on it after the season.