Jay Gruden wouldn't have problem starting Brandon Scherff at RG

RICHMOND, Va. -- The Washington Redskins aren't worried about where they drafted Brandon Scherff. They remain more focused on where he fits along the offensive line. And if that means it's at guard, that's where he'll play.

Scherff spent the first five practices at right tackle but the last two, including Thursday morning against Houston, at right guard with Morgan Moses at right tackle. The Redskins have not settled on a starting offensive line so they'll continue to experiment with different lineups to see what works best.

The Redskins drafted Scherff fifth overall with the assumption he'd start at tackle. But Moses, a third-round pick in 2014, could alter those plans.

“That's a definite possibility,” Redskins coach Jay Gruden said.

Traditionally, guards do not get taken in the top 10 (only one has been drafted there in the past six drafts; the Dallas Cowboys' selected Zach Martin with the 16th overall choice).

Gruden said he would not be bothered if ultimately Scherff started at right guard.

“Not if he's really, really good,” Gruden said. “All you're looking for with the fifth pick or any pick is someone who will help your team be successful. We think Brandon can do that.”

If he ultimately becomes a top guard, then it won't matter. If he's just average then it will, perhaps like any other player they might have drafted. Numerous NFL people said they felt he'd be best suited at guard than tackle -- one coach for another team said Scherff could be a good tackle but a great guard.

The Redskins would take that, as long as they build a strong offensive line. Moses' improvement would go a long way toward this; he's more comfortable on the right side than a year ago -- he played on the left side his last two years at Virginia.

“We'll cross train them and let the exhibition games take care of themselves and we'll make our decision for Miami,” Gruden said.

That's when the Redskins open the season. Before camp it appeared clear who would start at right tackle. Now we'll have to see who wins the jobs up front.

“Players have to earn that right,” Gruden said.