Texans S Rahim Moore impressed with Redskins QB RG III

RICHMOND, Va. -- The last time Rahim Moore faced Robert Griffin III, it wasn’t a good day for the Redskins.

Griffin completed just half of his 30 passes for 132 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. He left with an injury in a game that got away from the Redskins in the fourth quarter of a 45-21 loss.

Moore, though, saw a different Griffin Thursday when the Texans practiced vs. the Redskins. Moore, a safety who signed with Houston in the offseason, said Griffin looked sharp in practice Thursday.

Griffin had some negative plays, faced quick pressure on a few others and was sacked. But he also made some nice plays, whether it was passes in one-on-one drills or seven-on-seven and even in full-team work.

“Smarter, lot more confident, healthy. That’s a good thing to see. Compete,” Moore said.

He liked Griffin’s accuracy -- and Moore also dropped another Redskins quarterback’s name in at the end.

“I always knew [Griffin] had an arm on film, but seeing it in person, it’s remarkable,” Moore said. “He can throw on the money. I see his leadership, and I really see what everybody’s been advertising him as. He’s really a hard worker. He’s a nice player to me. I really respect him a lot. And [Kirk] Cousins.