Redskins QB RG III finishes better day with a touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon

RICHMOND, Va. -- Robert Griffin III's day concluded with a two-play sequence the Washington Redskins loved to see. It ended with a Griffin throw, but that’s not how it began.

Rather, in a drill where the offense had it first-and-goal from the 10, the Redskins gained five yards on a first-down Alfred Morris run. That success enabled Washington to still keep Houston guessing as to what was coming next -- and that left receiver Pierre Garcon one-on-one with cornerback Kareem Jackson. Griffin took advantage with a pretty fade for a touchdown.

It’s what the Redskins need to be in the red zone: a team that can run the ball, slow the defense as much by making it guess, and stay balanced in its attack. But it won't just be the key to the Redskins' red zone attack, it will be vital to their game plan no matter where they are on the field. If they don't have a good ground game, it'll be a long season.

The pass provided a good ending to a better day than Thursday for Griffin and the Redskins’ offense. At times he held the ball a little long, though on one occasion you can credit Houston’s coverage. Griffin ran a five-step play-action pass with a two-man route downfield. The Texans covered both targets as well as the running back in the right flat (though he probably could have dumped it a little quicker; instead, nothing). Griffin would have been sacked in 11-on-11 work in another series as well.

And he made a bad decision on another pass that resulted in an interception. With end J.J. Watt looping to the other side, Griffin might have been sacked. It probably would have been better if he had been, because he then made a bad play by the offense worse when he forced a ball to a covered Garcon in the middle of the field. Interception.

There were also times when Griffin was unable to step into the throw because of quick interior pressure (as when Watt drove guard Brandon Scherff into the quarterback).

During the first 11-on-11 session, Griffin did connect with tight end Jordan Reed on a deep out and with receiver Ryan Grant on a long ball down the left side. Griffin threw it off his third step for what looked like a 25- to 30-yard gain (I was at the other field, so the distance was a little spotty).

In seven-on-seven work, Griffin missed on one out-and-up by Garcon; right decision, but did not get the ball out far enough.

Overall, it was a better day than Thursday -- and the Redskins would like nothing more than to have him post consecutive good days as the teams finish their work together Saturday.