Alfred Morris: I take care of my body because it's 'my livelihood'

How do you feel you fit into a power scheme for the Washington Redskins?

Alfred Morris: I feel I'm better at downhill plays anyway. You know what's coming. It's a knockout, drag-out style of play. I don't shy away from contact. It's right up my alley. I thoroughly enjoy it.

How will entering into a contract year impact your approach?

Morris: I can care less. Whatever happens, happens. I'll just keep showing up every day like I've been showing up.

Durability is a big deal for you; you've said you altered your offseason strategy to help make sure you remain durable. What did you do?

Morris: I didn't lift weights until a month before we returned for workouts. I usually started lifting three weeks after the season ended. The last couple offseasons, I'd wear myself out. That wasn't smart. I decided what's best is to rest a lot more. It's a long offseason program. I'll get the work anyways, why kill myself before that. I feel a lot better. I feel recovered. I wasn't running around doing this and that and killing myself. Just being smart. The main thing I did was just rest.

Why have you been so durable, and can it continue?

Morris: It's a mindset, being durable. I try to deliver blows instead of receiving blows. It makes a huge difference for me, so I don't know -- just continue the mindset. I take care of my body. This is my livelihood, so I'm always in there foam rolling, rolling my body out. Always cold-tubbing to help my body recover faster. Getting massages, seeing the chiropractor. Little things like that. If I take care of my body, it will take care of me on the field. Don't slow down at all. Just do that. Don't get complacent, even [in] taking care of my body.

Is the pass game where your game is still developing?

Morris: I guess so. I'm still working on that; I don't get many opportunities, and when I do, I have to make the most of them. It definitely creates more worth, especially nowadays with the league being pass-happy. And being on the field more to help your team win. That's always my focus, doing everything I can to help the team win. ...If I have the opportunity to be on the field on third down -- whether it's pass pro or catching the ball and adding to what I do on rundowns -- it makes you more liked by the coaches, more liked by the owners, and more likely to be signed again. It's a performance-based league.