Redskins LB Junior Galette's explosiveness stands out; Adam Hayward riled up

RICHMOND, Va. – Highlights and observations from Washington Redskins practice Sunday:

  • I mentioned one time in a Facebook post about comments fans sometimes shout during practice. They aren't always the best. One fan yelled at linebacker Adam Hayward after a kick return in which the players were only blocking at half- to three-quarter speed. In other words, not full effort. But a fan yelled at Hayward to “keep it tight” and shouted about him being cut.

  • That didn’t sit well with Hayward, who was about 30 yards away and started jawing with the fan. One comment led to another and Hayward started flashing a money sign (I'm really not sure why. Even the fan yelled, “Ain’t nobody worry about your money!” And, “Worry about the game, man!”). Fullback Darrel Young played peacemaker after the reps were over, coming over and fist-bumping the fan. Hayward did too before leaving (no words were exchanged). And that was that.

  • Have said this a few times, but it bears repeating: Linebacker Junior Galette is explosive. He also has a big-time knack for being able to turn the corner and maintain his balance and speed. In a one-on-one drill vs Trent Williams, Galette tried to beat him wide. Williams was able to stop him but had to work awfully hard to do so, getting low. That burst would have beaten most tackles. Later, in a 2-on-2, Galette beat Williams inside -- the threat of him turning the corner got the tackle off-balance. Galette also beat him in full-team work. Galette would have had a sack later in the day against another tackle. I also like how fast Galette moves on stunts.

  • Galette stood up tight end Chase Dixon on a rush and got into him and quickly shed him to get in on a tackle a couple plays later. Dixon had a little trouble with his hands vs. linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, who had a strong day. I thought tight end Je'Ron Hamm did a nice job with his footwork on one block vs. Galette, keeping him at the line.

  • Cornerback DeAngelo Hall left practice with an injured left toe and was being evaluated. He walked off OK, but there’s no word yet on what, if anything, is wrong. He hurt himself breaking on a pass to make a stop in practice. I always worry about older players -- Hall is 31 -- and their ability to stay healthy once injuries hit in the summer. He’s still working his way back into game shape off his Achilles injury in 2014. He’s had a groin issue, and now a toe problem, this summer.

  • Hall broke up a pass to receiver Ryan Grant before leaving, a low, wobbly pass from Robert Griffin III. Hall jumped over Grant's left shoulder to make the play.

  • Tom Compton worked a lot at tight end with the first unit, and they did throw the ball with him on the field. It can be an advantage with him in the game when the Redskins use their play-action. The first time they tried it, Griffin had plenty of time on a pass over the middle to Pierre Garcon.

  • Compton did have a nice block on linebacker Trent Murphy that helped open a big hole for running back Matt Jones when they were still wearing their shells. No one touched Jones for the first five yards. Compton, this time at tackle, stopped linebacker Preston Smith on one rush. Smith tried a rip move but it was a little late -- again, thinking too much.

  • Smith did a nice job looping to the middle on one rush -- his size really comes in handy here. It appeared that his presence altered a Kirk Cousins pass.