Rams won't needle Redskins again with choice of captains

ASHBURN, Va. -- Don’t expect St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher to throw another jab at the Washington Redskins during the coin toss Sunday -- unlike what happened last season.

For the 2014 game, Fisher sent out six captains -- all of whom were acquired with draft picks from the trade for Robert Griffin III two years earlier. The move worked: The Rams beat the Redskins 24-0. However, a repeat is unlikely, partly because one of the six no longer plays for the Rams.

"It’s likely that I’m going to have our captains that were elected by their teammates at the coin toss this week," Fisher said.

Last season, Fisher sent out corner Janoris Jenkins, defensive tackle Michael Brockers, running back Zac Stacy, tackle Greg Robinson, linebacker Alec Ogletree and receiver Stedman Bailey for the coin toss. Washington sent St. Louis two future No. 1 draft choices plus a 2012 second-round pick in addition to swapping picks in that first round.

Four of the players are starters, but Stacy now plays for the New York Jets.

"I don’t think it mattered because half the guys I sent out there didn’t know why they were going out there," Fisher said. "They thought, 'Oh good. I must have played good last week, so I’m going to go out and be a captain.' And nobody recognized it until we made mention of it in the post-game."

Bu it’s tough for the Rams to boast a lot about the trade considering they have yet to finish above .500 since that deal, though they’re coming off a win against Seattle.

It also wasn’t the first time Fisher tweaked an opponent. Fisher did so even back when he coached Tennessee.

"We went to Buffalo after the Music City Miracle to open the season and I introduced our kickoff return team," Fisher said. "It didn’t work very well because we lost."

Whatever happens Sunday, Redskins coach Jay Gruden will focus on other issues rather than St. Louis' captains.

"I don't know who they sent out as captains, I know who we sent out," Gruden said. "Coaches have different ways to motivate their team pre-game. If their way is sending out guys they got in the trade, so be it. I don't know how he motivates their organization. It didn't affect us one iota. What affected us is they played better than us. Who they sent out as captain had nothing to do with it. I don't care who they send out to pre-game warm-ups. We have to play our best game Sunday."