Redskins, QB Kirk Cousins prep for potential bad weather Sunday

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins might need another device to help prepare for Sunday's game vs. the Philadelphia Eagles: A water bucket.

If Hurricane Joaquin hits land Sunday, it could cause heavy rainfall during the Redskins game vs. the Eagles. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league already is monitoring the situation, exploring possible contingencies in case the hurricane hits.

But it could also mean the Redskins play in wet, sloppy weather. So, for Cousins, the trick is to get used to throwing a wet football as well as executing the exchange from center.

And that means possibly dipping a ball in a bucket of water and then taking snaps and throwing.

"The best strategy is to literally dump it in a bucket," Cousins said. "It's kind of overkill, but it's probably your best option."

Cousins said he likely will do this Thursday and Friday. He said he's felt OK throwing the ball in wet weather in the past. The trick will be if there's also heavy winds with the rain. Of course, in those conditions -- and if the game remains Sunday afternoon -- then the run game will be heavily featured.

"More than anything throwing is probably a little easier than just the center-quarterback exchange," Cousins said. "It comes up quickly and if you don't get a clean grip, it can slip right through your hands. So the exchange is just as big an emphasis as the actual throwing and catching."