Fired-up Redskins QB Kirk Cousins: 'Do you like that?'

LANDOVER Md. -- Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins was under attack the past two weeks, from his interceptions to job security to consecutive losses. So after directing the Redskins to the best comeback win in franchise history, Cousins was a little, um, excited to say the least.

And as he passed a CSNWashington reporter, prepping for postgame shots outside the locker room, Cousins got a little vocal.

Cousins pointed at and then shouted to reporter Tarik El-Bashir, “Do you like that! Do you like that!” as he walked past. In reality, it was merely Cousins being Cousins.

“I mean, I just get really fired up after we win, that’s all it is, just fired up,” Cousins told the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg. “I can get more fired up, but I try to stay composed. But yeah man, it was just good.”

It wasn’t a message delivered to anyone, either. Cousins can be one of the most demonstrative players on the team, especially in competitive situations. Even during spring workouts, Cousins will celebrate touchdown passes by punching the air or running to teammates. He completed one long pass this spring that ended with him sprinting downfield to celebrate. Sometimes Cousins would jaw with defenders, too. This past spring, Cousins was probably more exuberant than in the past.

It came out in the hallways after Sunday’s win. But there was no message being sent by him, just the culmination of an emotional day. And he said he wasn't talking to anyone other than the reporter standing there.

“Nothing fancy there,” Cousins said. “Not much more underneath. Just playing.”