Redskins grab control of NFC East, but Eagles remain in OK shape

ASHBURN, Va. -- A quick, nuts-and-bolts look at the playoff picture in the NFC East entering the final two weeks of the season:

  • The Washington Redskins can win the division with a victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday. Even if the New York Giants win their last two games, the best they could then do is tie the Redskins. In that scenario, the tiebreaker would go down all the way to conference record, where the Redskins currently have a 6-4 mark compared to 4-6 for New York. At 8-8, the Redskins would finish 7-5 in the conference compared to 6-6.

  • If the Redskins lose at Philadelphia, they can still win the division if they beat Dallas while the Giants beat the Eagles in the season finale. Again: conference record.

  • If the Eagles win their last two, they’ll win the division regardless of what Washington does in the finale. The Eagles would finish 4-2 in the division compared to Washington's 3-3, which would give them the title.

  • There’s a chance all three could finish 7-9. If that happens, the Eagles win. The first tiebreaker is which team has the edge in head-to-head record among the three. But if all are 7-9, that means Philadelphia would have beaten Washington and lost to the Giants. So the teams would have split all their games against one another. Next up would be best division record. The Eagles and Giants would be 3-3; the Redskins 2-4. So the Redskins would then be eliminated and the tiebreaker procedure would return to the beginning. Eventually, it would come down to record among common opponents for the Eagles and Giants. The Eagles would win here because they’d be 6-6 to New York’s 5-7.

  • The Giants can win the division only if they win their last two games while the Redskins lose two straight.

  • If the playoffs began now, which of course they don’t, then the Redskins would host Seattle in a first-round playoff game. The Seahawks have won five straight games and have outscored their opponents 370-248 this season. The Redskins have been outscored by 16 points.