When it comes to Kirk Cousins and the Redskins, Kevin Durant likes that, too

ASHBURN, Va. -- Kevin Durant wasn’t at the Washington Redskins’ game Sunday. But while fans there were chanting, “You like that!” he was tweeting the same. So, yes, count him among the legions who favor a certain phrase by a certain quarterback.

For a while the fever surrounding Kirk Cousins’ “You Like That!” moment, which went viral after the comeback win over Tampa Bay in October, had started to fade. But Sunday’s performance, a four-touchdown day in a 35-25 win over Buffalo, and three wins in four games prompted fans to pick up the chant: “You like that! You like that!”

Considering the Redskins now are 7-7 and first in the NFC East heading into Saturday’s game at Philadelphia, there’s a lot for fans to like.

Durant, who grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland -- in the Washington, D.C., suburbs -- and attends the occasional Redskins game, shared their fever. During the second half of Sunday’s game, he tweeted the phrase that has made Cousins somewhat famous.

Cousins tweeted back at Durant, thanking him for the support.

“I hope he’s making money from that,” Redskins nose tackle Terrance Knighton said of the phrase. “I hope it’s on some T-shirts or something.”

Actually, Cousins did capitalize on the initial surge in interest. His T-shirt sales for charity raised more than $41,000 for the International Justice Mission. If the Redskins keep winning, there will be more for the fans to like -- and more chances for Durant to feel good about his hometown team.