Redskins want Jason Hatcher back, but would get savings if he goes

Taking a look at potential moves that have an impact on the Washington Redskins' salary cap, mostly from player releases. But in some cases money will be freed up by restructures or possible retirement.

Player: Jason Hatcher

Contract status: Signed through 2017.

2016 cap hit: $8.75 million.

Potential savings: $6.5 million with a post-June 1 designation.

Why they might cut him: Well, this is more about him possibly retiring because that’s something he discussed at season’s end with reporters and the team. I suppose they could do something if he wants to come back and play at his current salary. At that point, the Redskins would have to weigh how much cap space they want to devote to a 34-year-old end who can’t practice all the time because of knee issues. Really, the only reason to get rid of Hatcher from the Redskins’ perspective is that combo of age and cap hit. They absolutely want to get younger along the defensive line and there will be other changes up front. But if Hatcher decides he wants to keep playing, they will work to ensure that happens.

Why they might not: OK, this should be why do they want him back? Again, that combo of age and cap space and injury history suggests it’s time to move on. But the Redskins like what Hatcher adds on the field and in the locker room. He became more of a leader this past season and they like the toughness he adds along the front. Coach Jay Gruden managed Hatcher well, giving him the necessary time off to keep him fresh for later in the season. It worked as Hatcher played consistent down the stretch. When fresh, his power is noticeable.

Note: If Hatcher retires before June 1, the remaining proration -- $4.5 million -- accelerates into 2016. If he returns the signing bonus proration for 2016, the Redskins would get credit for that in 2017.