Junior Galette makes it clear: He wants to return, but for right deal

Washington Redskins linebacker Junior Galette is on Twitter, which means you probably need to be following him. That is, if you want any updates on his pending free agency.

Galette spent part of Tuesday morning responding to fans about his situation, letting them know it’s not about the money but rather a fair deal, that he would retire before taking the veteran minimum and that he wants to remain in Washington.

I always laugh when people suggest players should just settle for whatever so they can stay with the team they follow. Players should get what they can, knowing how short a career this is and what their bodies endure. It’s their choice to play, of course; but in doing so they should maximize the reward. Galette wants to return to Washington, but that doesn’t mean he can’t ask for a certain amount.

Nor does it mean the Redskins should pay whatever he wants -- they’re not doing so with Kirk Cousins and I don’t blame them one bit (well, when it comes to a long-term deal that is; the franchise tag is better for Cousins than it is for the Redskins).

The Redskins have the right of first refusal, so in some ways it’s as if they have the transition tag on Galette. That will help their efforts to retain him, though as of now he definitely wants a one-year deal and they would like to keep him around for two or three years. Galette would have absolutely helped the pass rush last season -- I still remember coaches on both sides of the ball salivating over what he could do after seeing him in camp.

Anyway, it's clear from his tweets that Galette wants to return (that has never really been in doubt) and that he won’t settle for any price. (His tweet on not going on the other four visits refers to last summer when he went to Richmond first and agreed to a deal).