Redskins expect talks with Kirk Cousins to resume 'after free agency dies down'

The Redskins placed the franchise tag on Kirk Cousins, but still want to sign him to a multi-year contract. AP Photo/Alex Brandon

LEESBURG -- Washington Redskins president Bruce Allen said negotiations with quarterback Kirk Cousins on a long-term deal likely will resume once free agency subsides.

The Redskins placed the franchise tag on Cousins, but still want to sign him to a multi-year contract. Cousins’ side is OK with him playing under the tag, but obviously any player prefers long-term security.

“As soon as free agency dies down a little bit, I’m sure his agent will engage us again in talks,” Allen said after the Redskins received the Legacy Award from the Loudoun School and Business Partnership on Friday morning. “We thought the best thing to do was the franchise tag. It made it clear where we stood with him.”

With a rising cap this year and next, the money being paid to quarterbacks has risen: The Houston Texans gave Brock Osweiler a deal that averaged $18 million per year (though they have an escape clause after two years; and his first year’s cap hit is $12 million). Chase Daniel received a three-year deal that averages $7 million per year from the Philadelphia Eagles.

All of that could impact the direction of future talks with Cousins.

“I don’t know if it’s getting silly,” Allen said of the money for quarterbacks. “The good quarterbacks deserve the money. I’m sure there are some performers in the league who are watching this and thinking they might be entitled to a raise or two. You can’t win in this league unless your quarterback plays well.”

Earlier this week, the Redskins released quarterback Robert Griffin III, cutting ties with a player who starred for them in 2012 but struggled thereafter for a variety of reasons. Before the 2012 draft, the Redskins traded a second-round pick, two future first-rounders and swapped first-rounders with St. Louis to draft Griffin.

“The NFL is a year-to-year business,” Allen said. “Obviously Kirk took the reins this year and did a very good job and we see a positive future with him. Everyone understood it. There was no misunderstanding.”

It was a disappointing end for Griffin after a strong start.

“I know you can look at it that way,” Allen said. “I see it as he came in here and helped us win a division his rookie year. He was a great teammate to us the rest of [this] year. He had a couple injuries in the four years here... I really wish him well. He’s been a good addition for us.”