Redskins host Anquan Boldin, could re-sign Terrance Knighton

The Washington Redskins continue to seek help from the outside, but they might also find help from a player who once appeared headed out of town.

The Redskins hosted veteran receiver Anquan Boldin Tuesday and will meet with one of their own free agents, Terrance Knighton, on Wednesday.

One source said that if the Redskins like the shape Knighton is in, they will likely sign him. The source also said it does not appear as of now that anything will happen with Boldin.

What’s working in Knighton’s favor: He’s lost 30 pounds this offseason and looked noticeably slimmer in a picture with teammate and best friend Chris Baker posted on his Instagram account Monday.

Because the Redskins already know Knighton and what he’s about, the sense is that they would just want to see what sort of shape he’s in before making any move.

The Redskins did not plan on re-signing him but always left open the possibility on the chance that he did what he’s been doing -- getting in shape. Had he played at this weight during the season, it's possible he would have given them what they wanted -- and would have been re-signed by now.

Despite what the Redskins have said about de-emphasizing the nose tackle position since they play in their nickel defense around 75 percent of the time, they still need someone who can play it at a certain level -- and also help them in other packages. A slimmer Knighton could be that player.

As for Boldin, he's 35 years old but is coming off a solid season in which he caught 69 passes. His former team, the San Francisco 49ers, hasn’t had any contact with him, and Boldin reportedly had not been on any other visits.

If the Redskins do have a renewed interest later, Boldin would be signed for depth. Consider that last season fourth receiver Ryan Grant played 425 snaps (only 137 after Week 9 with DeSean Jackson healthy). Boldin is strictly a possession-type receiver, albeit a long-time productive one with 1,009 career receptions. And he’s a strong leader, something that would appeal to any team, including the Redskins. Redskins starting receiver Pierre Garcon knows Boldin well; they have worked out together in the past. The Redskins like their starting wideouts, Garcon and DeSean Jackson and have Jamison Crowder in the slot. While Boldin could provide toughness, something Garcon does as well, one source said he couldn't see any potential deal impacting Garcon.