Garcon unimpressed with career day

Pierre Garcon didn’t hide his feelings after losing to the Denver Broncos, particularly about the state of the passing game. He didn’t use pleasant words: It sucks, he said.

A week later the passing game was much better, in part because of a career day from Garcon. He said there’s more work to do and he’s right. Still, he played his best game perhaps since coming to Washington. He had to be impressed, right? Not really.

“Just another day out there playing football,” Garcon said.

That’s being modest. Garcon caught seven passes for a career-high 172 yards and now is on pace for 108 receptions (the club record is 106 set by Art Monk in 1984).

Garcon has caught a lot of screens this season and has not been as big a factor over the middle, as he was last season. But he was again Sunday in the 30-24 win over the San Diego Chargers. And he had to make three of the toughest catches he’ll make this season.

Garcon caught a 38-yard pass with a defensive back interfering with him. The receiver could not get both hands on the ball, so he reached out with his right hand as the corner, with his back to the quarterback, ran into him.

Garcon also caught a one-handed pass while falling to the turf on a pass behind him.

“Just out there putting a hand out there, trying to catch the ball,” Garcon said. “Nothing special. Just stuck to the gloves.”

Not special? Doubtful. Unusual? Not for him.

“He does it in practice all the time,” Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said. “The thing that he does that people don’t see is how he competes when he doesn’t get the ball.”

In other words, his blocking. Garcon excels at it and threw more good blocks Sunday. Par for the course.

Before going back to his day, I want to return to the summer. I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating after watching such games: Nobody caught more passes during training camp than Garcon. If he had five minutes to spare while waiting for his turn in a morning walk-through, he had someone throwing him passes -- up high, down low, left, right. He caught everything.

Now, back to his catches: On the game-winning drive, he caught a 17-yard pass. The safety drove into him, knocking him into a linebacker charging at him. Yet Garcon hung on for the catch.

“Pierre made some great catches,” quarterback Robert Griffin III said. “Made the catches that were there and made some catches that not many people can make. It was great to see that, great to see that fire. Great to see him ball out.”