Duke Ihenacho could turn No. 24 into 24 karats if Josh Norman wants his jersey

Duke Ihenacho is the current owner of jersey No. 24 for the Redskins, the preferred number of new signee Josh Norman. AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Washington Redskins safety Duke Ihenacho was thrilled to hear that his team signed corner Josh Norman. It not only makes the defense better, it might make Ihenacho’s wallet a bit thicker as well.

Norman wears No. 24; Ihenacho wears No. 24. Which could lead to a negotiation of some sort – and Ihenacho let Norman know via Twitter that he could have his number, for a price. Considering Norman just received a five-year deal that averages $15 million per year, Ihenacho could have a nice little payday himself.

The number clearly means something to Norman, who wore 24 at Coastal Carolina and has worn it from the time he entered the NFL as a fifth-round pick in 2012. And his Twitter handle is @J_No24.

For Ihenacho? It’s merely the latest number. He wore No. 2 at San Jose State and No. 33 in his two years with Denver.

Ihenacho, who has played a combined four games the past two years because of injuries, could end up in the starting lineup alongside Norman. Ihenacho must beat out David Bruton, or a possible rookie, for that job. But regardless, Ihenacho is fine wearing another number -- especially if a little extra cash comes his way.