David Bruton's White House trip evokes bad memories for Josh Norman

ASHBURN, Va. -- The day was a big one for Washington Redskins safety David Bruton. It was yet another reminder for his teammate, cornerback Josh Norman.

On Monday, Bruton attended a celebration at the White House with the rest of the 2015 Denver Broncos for winning the Super Bowl. Of course, had Carolina won, Norman would have been the one standing behind President Obama.

"I let him have his day," Norman said. "When he came back I was like, 'Gosh, you suck. You really suck.' And I left it alone and walked out and he started laughing. It brought me back to that time. I walked out the door and I left it behind. Yeah, it was cool that he got that experience. At least one of us did."

For that, Bruton is thankful. He actually heard the president speak at his college graduation at Notre Dame (after his first year in office).

"It was amazing," Bruton said of Monday’s event. "A great experience. It was good to see him and to talk to him in his last year in office. And to be up front and center while he gave his speech, that was pretty cool, too."

Bruton was a political science major in college, so being at the White House carried extra meaning -- and it’s why he enjoyed the private tour they received.

"You always see pictures of JFK, those paintings of George Washington, and to learn the history about that and learn the history about the White House," he said. "Just to feel that power, not only in D.C., but also in the White House, that’s roaming around, it’s amazing. As a political science major, you idolize that. You’ve been learning that your whole college career, and now to see it and feel it in person it’s amazing.

"I hope to do it next year with whomever is the president."