High school senior uses 'You like that?!' as yearbook quote, Kirk Cousins responds

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins' famous phrase led to a higher profile, T-shirts and money for charity. Now it has led one student to use it as a quote underneath his yearbook photo – and an endorsement via Twitter from Cousins.

Cousins, of course, shouted: “You like that?! You like that?!” after leading the Redskins to a comeback win over Tampa Bay in October. The phrase then was used quite often, sometimes by teammates (Chris Baker). Fans chanted it late in the season. Cousins was asked to deliver those words in promotions for the Redskins' game this season versus Cincinnati in London.

Now, though, it’s a high school senior drawing attention for the phrase. Washington-Lee senior Joseph Langley used it as his yearbook quote, attributing the quote to Cousins. Langley posted a picture of his photo on Instagram.

Put me on ESPN. #HTTR #ClassOf2016

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After which, Cousins acknowledged the photo.

“I had to do it,” Langley told the Washington Post. “My family lives off Redskins football, and any way I could translate that into my senior yearbook, I would do it.”