Haslett: Blown assignment led to big play

ASHBURN, Va. -- It wasn't what Jim Haslett wanted to see: Nick Foles with time and Ryan Kerrigan one-on-one with running back LeSean McCoy. It also wasn't difficult to see what happened next, with Foles hitting McCoy in stride on a wheel route for 49 yards.

But it was a coverage the Redskins ran quite a bit Sunday. Haslett said they ran it 10 times with Kerrigan covering McCoy on six other plays, including when London Fletcher sacked Foles and another time when Perry Riley drilled the quarterback as he threw.

"We did have a blown assignment on it," Haslett said.

He did not specify what happened, but Haslett said the play was the same as when Fletcher got his sack, with McCoy running another wheel route. However, the first time he ran it out of a bunch formation to the right. This time he ran it out of the backfield. That meant the secondary was aligned differently, though the corners were in man coverage on both occasions.

On the 49-yard play, the Eagles had two receivers on the left -- and safety Brandon Meriweather was aligned to that side. That meant Kerrigan was one-on-one with no safety help, an unwinnable situation for a former defensive end -- and Foles was not pressured despite both inside linebackers rushing. The second time Meriweather helped take away the wheel route because he was aligned in the middle and was able to quickly help, forcing Foles to hold the ball a split second longer and leading to the sack.

Haslett also said they switched up how they defended the Eagles' screens at halftime after gains of 42 and 34 in the first half. There appeared to be slow recognition as well.