Redskins mailbag: Part 2

I love this time of the year because the questions bounce all over the place. Makes it interesting. So, in part two, we talk about what returning starters might lose their jobs, Adam Carriker's journey, David Amerson and a little Jordan Reed. Plus, is anyone on the roster elite? Enjoy.

John Keim: Well, the obvious one on offense is right guard Chris Chester. He is not coming off a good season and the Redskins have several young options at this position, between Spencer Long, Josh LeRibeus and Adam Gettis. Plus if they want to free up more cash, it's an easy way to do so ($2.7 million cap savings). But I still have to see proof that the young guys are capable of starting. Defensively, you could put Stephen Bowen in there because of his injury. But that's not what you're looking for. Jarvis Jenkins is an obvious candidate because of the depth up front, but he will still play. The Redskins also have more options at inside linebacker if Perry Riley doesn't play better overall than last season.  But he's also the highest paid inside linebacker. Keim: Just that he is continuing to work out and would like to make a comeback. He has big-time fans in the organization who are rooting for him to succeed. But they also know the odds he faces. When Carriker was released by Washington, he said the Redskins told him they would consider working him out in June to gauge his progress. As of now there is nothing scheduled. Keim: There have been a lot of storylines for me to pay attention to and we have very limited availability. Ninety players exit the field at the same time so you have to pick and choose. I go to the guys I need now. But Amerson is definitely on my list, whether it's next week or early in training camp. Can't exhaust everything now, you know? So I will ask for your patience. But I will say, Amerson has looked solid. There seems to be a difference in his press-man coverage skills and you don't hear him getting corrected a lot during 11-on-11 work. But don't worry, you'll read more about him soon. Had to get through all the new guys first, or others who are undergoing a transition, etc. Keim: Reed was an athletic route runner last season, able to juke linebackers with his head fakes and array of basketball-style moves. But he can become a more consistent route runner. He can make more plays downfield, as he was starting to do when he suffered the concussion. He can definitely become a more consistent blocker, as much with understanding angles as with effort or anything else. There's definite room for growth. Keim: Well, the only time I've seen them work against another team was when they used to scrimmage the Steelers. A much different situation because it was either in roomy Latrobe or at a field with stands -- and not at a practice facility that is neither roomy nor filled with stands. But it really depends on a couple things. Do you want to see them work against another team or themselves? Do you want to see how Tom Brady looks in practice compared to, say, Robert Griffin III? Or how Bill Belichick conducts practices compared to Jay Gruden, a first-time head coach? But you'll also have to deal with a lot more people and, mixed with the heat, that could be uncomfortable or undesirable for some. If all you want to do is watch the Redskins practice, then you might want to take the latter aspects into consideration. Keim: Well, they haven't had anyone make an All-Pro team in a while. DeSean Jackson did in 2009 with the Eagles. That's not the only measurement, but it's more meaningful than a Pro Bowl appearance. But I don't always know what is considered elite? Top three at your position? Top five? Defensively, there is no one who belongs on that list. Offensively? Left tackle Trent Williams is considered one of the best at his position, but to what extent? He'd be close because he has elite skills, but needs more consistency. But who else? Jackson? Another year like last year would prove his case. If quarterback Griffin improves then perhaps in a couple years he'll be at that level. But he's not now. Reed, in a couple years, could be there as well but there are a few tight ends to surpass. I do think the offense can be elite because there are, potentially, a lot of good players. But they have to prove it on the field. Keim: There's no way we'll be able to tell that until they start working heavier on this in practice with the pads on. It was telling a couple years ago when they had the backs work on protection against the linebackers and you could see all sorts of issues with some of them. But in the spring it's impossible to get a full measurement of where a player is at in this area. Ask again in early August.