Bryce Harper has more 'Make Baseball Fun Again' hats -- and shirts! -- coming

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Bad news for Bill Maher: Bryce Harper's all-for-fun and fun-for-all campaign isn't just a one-and-done thing.

Immediately following the Washington Nationals' season-opening win Monday in Atlanta, Harper, who homered in the game, addressed reporters while sporting a white trucker's cap that read, "MAKE BASEBALL FUN AGAIN" in red, capital letters. This morning, comedian and political satirist -- and New York Mets minority owner -- Maher expressed his distaste for Harper (and his Trump-ish hat) during a radio interview.

"There are a couple words that I really can't say on public radio that I think apply to him," Maher told 710 WOR in New York. "But next to those words in the dictionary, I see a picture of Bryce Harper. I really do. I just don't like that guy at all -- so it's not surprising to me that he's flirting with Donald Trump's candidacy."

Maher should know that the reigning MVP has more para-fun-alia up his sleeve. For starters, he has a rainbow of hats all containing the same slogan.

"I've got a red one, I've got a blue one, I've got a white one," said the 23-year old outfielder earlier Thursday before the Nats' home opener against the Miami Marlins. He said he got the cap concept from a Twitter follower early on in spring training. "I thought it was a great idea, so I put it on there."

Harper said he ordered five caps for himself. He also said that some of the minor leaguers who were at spring training liked the hats and wanted to get them, too. So he bought them caps as well. He's not halting at hats, though, and has also custom-ordered other attire with the same message.

"I have a couple shirts here," Harper said. "I think you guys will see it in the next couple days."