Redskins wake-up call

The Redskins return to work with a 10:40 a.m. practice Wednesday followed by an open locker room session. Here are three areas of interest:

  1. Colt McCoy. Colt McCoy saw a specialist and learned there was no structural damage so the injury is not career threatening. But there’s still doubt about his availability because they need to test his range of motion and flexibility. It’s hard to imagine they’ll see all that they need to just on Wednesday so this might go another day. The problem is, coaches want to know who their starter is on Wednesday. McCoy had some nice throws against the Rams – hit Pierre Garcon a couple times with excellent rhythm -- but that was about it. McCoy was under pressure and they were in constant bad down and distances. But he also didn’t make any big-time throws. When you get shut out, the quarterback does not escape blame.

  2. Robert Griffin III. OK, if McCoy isn’t able to practice then the focus returns to Griffin. That means another round of questions about him in the locker room. That means another round of "Can Robert play well with others." My take has always been (and pay attention national media, unless you want to keep spreading falsehoods about what the local press didn’t know): Yes, there are players who have issues with Griffin, which have been known for about a year, but if he produces it’s irrelevant. They didn’t suddenly turn on him. If they dislike him, do you think they were in love with him in 2012? No. He made plays and they were winning.

  3. The roster. The Redskins still have one more roster spot to fill after cutting three players Tuesday and signing two others. They only have two healthy running backs so it would make sense if they add someone here – Chris Thompson has been on the practice squad all season and would have to be a possibility. They also added Michael Hill to the practice squad Tuesday and might want to see what he can do before deciding.