Redskins mailbag, Part 1: Could RG III's daughter help his focus?

Could Robert Griffin III's new daughter somehow help him grow as a player. Maybe, but ... I have some strong thoughts on his focus and social media habits. That's among the topics for Part 1 of the Redskins mailbag -- along with "Hard Knocks," Jamison Crowder and Ryan Grant and the atmosphere in the building. And more. Enjoy.

John Keim: Reported this Friday, but here's what I heard. In a nutshell: No, they are not candidates -- I was told that by multiple people, too. At some point they probably will have to appear, but not now.

Keim: I think having a baby has, or should have, a positive impact on anyone's career. I know it did on mine. But I've never worried about Griffin's focus; he's a lot more focused than most -- not only in the NFL, but for his age period. Say what you want about him -- and I've certainly pointed out his struggles -- but he is a focused, hard-working, determined player. Ultimately, it gives him a chance to still be successful. If he has a good year, I would not look back and say his baby was somehow the reason. (But you know it will be a storyline should he play well). Maybe his new daughter gives him a different peace of mind or maybe it provides him more perspective; life is different when you go from the center of attention to having a child who now occupies that role. That's true for anyone. But I think he's capable of improving, with or without a newborn. As for social media, that's another bug of mine. When he was at his high point in terms of tweeting it was perhaps three a day. Not sure why the rest of the world can tweet or use social media but he can't. I've never understood it. Maybe people don't like what he says on there -- and I guess it reminds fans of his failures, but it in no way has impacted his performance. During the season? I'd recommend players staying off there because Twitter is not always a kind place for athletes in-season -- I know there are people who spread lies even about what I've written or said and express hatred for having a differing opinion, let alone the classless nonsense that is directed at players. But in the offseason? Have at it; live your life.

Keim: I wrote last year about the atmosphere being different, fresh and upbeat. Then we saw what happened. There was an improved atmosphere when Mike Shanahan arrived, too. Any time there's change, especially after losing seasons, the atmosphere always feels better. I do like the potential energy of the new coaches and players and with Scot McCloughan as the general manager, there's a strong sense of confidence. But let's see an improved product on the field. Do that and the atmosphere remains a good one.

Keim: Both of them have good reputations for running routes, but Crowder is faster and quicker (though I'd like to see them both up close) and all of that is why coaches are excited about the rookie. Crowder ran the 40-yard dash in 4.46 seconds; Grant ran it in 4.64 seconds. I think Crowder sets up defenders better when he has the ball. And I think Crowder has a chance to make more of an immediate impact than Grant, just because of his return ability. Grant needed to get a lot stronger and, from what I understand, he's had a good offseason. He, too, is a mature route runner.

Keim: I didn't take it that way at all. I haven't explored the reasons in-depth as to why there were no changes and probably will at some point. But it could be as simple as others he wanted were not available. He also seemed to have a good rhythm with those who were left behind. I'm a little surprised no changes were made, but I do not view it as those above Scot McCloughan saying he couldn't make changes. They made a big change bringing him in; why on earth would they then protect some scouts?

Keim: Long is a physical player who can move a little -- he pulled quite a bit at Nebraska. Yes, he absolutely fits in with the emphasis on more power. But as I've tried to remind everyone: They ran power last year, too, and even under Mike Shanahan on occasion. But it does sound as if they want to run it more -- and they want to run it with bigger linemen, which makes sense. When they drafted Long in 2014, they already knew they'd be running more power under coach Jay Gruden. Above-average starter? Let's see him start a game first before determining how good he is. But I know some who like him quite a bit.