Bruce Allen says Redskins have eyes on other players

ARLINGTON, Va. -- The offseason always fuels hope, which is what the Washington Redskins have after what can be termed a productive offseason. Translating that hope into success during the season usually is the difficult part.

For now, though, the Redskins say it’s worked out the way they had hoped under new general manager Scot McCloughan.

“There’s no surprises with Scot,” Redskins president Bruce Allen said. “That’s the way his character has been for as long as I’ve known him. We’re pleased with the draft. We’re trying to get better in these OTAs and develop players.

“Coach [Jay] Gruden did a good job of acquiring some new coaches. Their attitudes and new ideas have been very helpful.”

Allen, speaking at the Redskins Charitable Foundation golf tournament, said they haven’t finished tweaking the roster.

“There are always more players you’d like to acquire, and we’re not done yet,” Allen said. “We have our eyes set on other players. We’ll see what happens.”

One of those offseason decisions: picking up the fifth-year option on quarterback Robert Griffin III. It’s guaranteed for injury only, so if he does not play well they could cut him with no hit to the salary cap. In a worst-case scenario, if Griffin gets hurt (and had been playing poorly) he would count $16.2 million on the cap.

“We’ve seen him win, we’ve seen him win big games,” Allen said. “We know his talent. It really was a no-brainer. If you asked us six months before, it would have been the same decision.

“There’s a cost to everyone who gets hurt. I don’t see that as an individual player thing as much as any injury will cost you on the salary cap.”

The Redskins hope they’ve bolstered their line enough to buy Griffin more time in the pocket. They drafted three offensive linemen earlier this spring, including the fifth overall choice in tackle Brandon Scherff.

“It will take time to develop them and get them up to speed,” Allen said. “But we feel good where [Griffin] is at right now.”