Redskins' D-line donates 3,600 water bottles to Flint, Michigan

The Washington Redskins' defensive line developed a tight bond during the season, doing many activities together. That bond continues -- and so does the desire to do things as a group, especially when it can help a city.

The Redskins' defensive line donated 3,600 bottles of water to the city of Flint, Michigan, according to a tweet by nose tackle Terrance Knighton.

He said via text that when he woke up this morning, he texted his fellow linemen about doing something. They were all in, split the bill and it was sent out -- all within an hour.

One of the Redskins' strengths this season was this sort of camaraderie, something the linemen showed time and again -- going to other sporting events together, getting custom-made Washington Nationals jerseys with their nicknames on the back.

A state of emergency has been declared for Flint because of toxic lead contamination in its drinking water. The National Guard was called in to help deliver clean water. Other celebrities have sent help as well, with Cher reportedly sending nearly 200,000 water bottles.